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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Shocking Youth Message by Paul Washer

The Shocking Youth Message (Paul Washer)

LaneCh | June 24, 2008 | likes, 221 dislikes

This is the youth message Paul Washer preached in 2002 at a conference. The audience was in shock then and many audiences continue to be shocked by it today.

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  1. the best of the best of the best sermon i have ever ever heard..
    OMG he is gifted..

    I cant explain it by my words sister...
    (i have not heard it fully but as far as i heard its tooooooooooooooo good, the best of all)

  2. Indeed, Jithin! It is a riveting experience to hear him! And you know, he was never invited back to speak at the school! Too harsh, they think him! I wonder what they would think of burning in hell, instead!

    May God bless you, my dearest brother in Christ! I pray you are doing better!