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Monday, February 21, 2011

Discerning The Times And The Seasons by Bryan Denlinger of Bible Believers Fellowship

Another very sobering sermon by Bryan Denlinger.

Bryan Denlinger Bible Believers Fellowship

Why did Paul tell the believers in Thessalonica that they should know "perfectly" the times and the seasons of the "day of the Lord", when Jesus Christ had told the early Christians in Acts 1 that they did NOT know the times and seasons? Is this a contradiction?

In this sermon we look at the subject of the 1,000 year reign of Jesus Christ on the earth, and the fact that it begins with the return of Jesus at the end of the tribulation. We take a look at some of the prophecies given to signal the approach of Christ's second coming.

Two of these Bible prophecies are actually being fulfilled right before our eyes here in February, 2011! We discuss the massive bird, fish, and animal deaths, and how they relate to scripture. We also take a look at the subject of a "pole shift", and see how this was actually prophesied in Isaiah 24!

Finally we conclude this sermon by discussing Harold Camping's May 21, 2011 "rapture" prophecy. I will show from his own writings that Camping is a lost, heretic. His hyper-calvinistic salvation message, is one of the worst I have ever read.

A lot of VERY wild information in this study!

Bryan Denl­inger

God's Holy word. The King James Vers­ion!

From our video "Rid­ic­ul­ous Bible PerV­ers­ions of the New Age."

King James Video Min­istr­ies

Study to show thys­elf appr­oved unto God...

Door to door tract distr­ib­ut­ion.

Ooops! We saw this sign AFTER we had fin­ished tract­ing this neighb­ourh...

Sunday morn­ing preach­ing.

More fir­ew­ood.

Brother Derek learn­ing about "end­ur­ing hardn­ess!"

Bryan stack­ing some nice split fir­ew­ood.

Some of the men from Bible Bel­iev­ers Fell­owsh­ip, help­ing to do fir­ewoo...

Jessie Del­ewski

King James Bible.

Fin­ish­ing up some Sat­urday morn­ing tract­ing.

Some church act­iv­it­ies incl­ude doing some fir­ew­ood for the coming wint...

Gett­ing ready to haul some wood to another loc­at­ion.

One of our younger memb­ers moving wood the "hard" way.

safari in Kruger National Park


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