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Thursday, February 17, 2011

A message from Richard Bennett: Beatification May 1st-- Is John Paul II, Blessed in the Sight of God?


Dear Brother or Sister,

When Pope John Paul II was alive, he traveled to many different
nations of the world receiving a great deal of adulation and
veneration. Since his death in 2005, he has continued to be adored
across the world. Soon, however, the religious devotion shown to him
is soon to become officially recognized by the Catholic Church.
Indeed, from his canonization on May 1st 2011, people will be directed
to not only show religious veneration to him, but will be urged to
pray to him. It is most important that we answer the question: Is
John Paul II blessed in the sight of God?

What is at stake is salvation of souls, because worship and prayer to
dead human beings negates the essential biblical truths foundational
to the Gospel. In our article called, “John Paul II Blessed in the
Sight of God?” we carefully document what the former Pope taught from
his official position in the Vatican. We outline exactly the
consequence and what we as Bible believers can do in response. The
article is located at:

If you wish to get the article as a Microsoft Word document, please
request it and it will be sent to you. We ask that you respond by
studying the article, by your prayers, and by forwarding the article
to others. We request also, if possible, that you post it on your

Trusting in the Lord’s grace and mighty power,

Richard Bennett

We have a New DVD called, The Original Early Church.
The topic of who the early believers were, where they lived, and just
what they taught is very important. We have the Vaudois and Waldenses
as great examples leading up to the pre-Reformation believers. In this
DVD, Pastor W. J. Mencarow and Richard Bennett clearly document the
actual historical facts. It is imperative to analyze the details of
the historical records. This is professionally done in the DVD with
graphics maps and paintings that illustrate these facts and make them
easily understood. Kindly make it known to others by forwarding its
URL others it is located on:

We are encouraged that Banner of Truth has published the third edition
of our popular “former Priests” book and the second edition of my
book, “Catholicism East of Eden.” Remembering the years of research
that went into these books, we rejoice in the Lord that these books
are now available across the world. Details regarding the books are

ISBN: 97818-4871-0832 “Catholicism East of Eden”
“Far from Rome, Near to God, the Testimonies of 50 Converted Catholic
ISBN 0-85151-7331

Our many MP3 messages continue to be the most popular resource. As
countless numbers of people now have MP3 players and iPads, please
make this supply of information known. It is located at:

The second most employed resource on our Website is our DVDs located


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