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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Helga Hickman's response to David Cloud's Pastor Says Demons Inspired My Warning Against West Coast

Fw: Pastor Says Demons Inspired My Warning Against West Coast

Wednesday, February 23, 2011 3:44 PM

My dear Brother Cloud,

It is such a great pleasure to receive and post on my blog (True Christianity vs Roman Catholicism - many of your newsletters! But, if I had to choose one I like best, it would be this one, because it hits home with me!

Ecstatic to have found what was listed in a Fundamental Baptist site as being a King James only church (IT WAS NOT!), I ventured into it, though many were my misgivings, for churches have, as a rule, never been a place where I have ever heard the truth of God's word in the past.

It wasn't long before my very well-tuned ears and sharp eye saw how very wrong some things were regarding the "pastor" and requested that I be able to meet with the two deacons (elders) and Matthew Furan, the "pastor," just as it is called for in Matthew 18!

Matthew Furan would not agree to it, demanding that I meet with him alone! No! By then this man had proven that lying was second-nature to him, and I would not have cared to subject myself to any he-said-she-said story to develop, thus, I quit the church! Appropriately, subsequently he preached a sermon in which he claims "The pastor rules the church!" Indeed, he does, this the misfortune of an INDEPENDENT church which congregation deserves better!

I doubt I shall ever again belong to a church! I pray the Lord comes and gets us soon, for we lack for a place where to gather here on earth.

Anyway, I am a writer, and thanks to the ease with which one can record their thoughts today, I did so in my blog. Just one, innocuous post on "Leadership," no name tags given at that time, thus, other than a slight viewing, it would have been done with and forgotten past my catharsis!

As it was, and which I expected, Matthew Furan viewed it, and wrote DEMANDING it be taken down under all sorts of threats that made me tremble, I am sure! Ah! Wrong move! At this time I updated the post and placed all sorts of tags on it where it would be found with ease by anyone searching just under his name in any manner.

Unfortunately, whereas at the time I thought it was just a couple of what could be considered not-so-great-a-matter incidents I had personally experienced (no soul-winning I HAD BEEN PROMISED!), has now escalated into a horribly sad story for this disgraceful wolf-in-sheep's clothing who has so much filth to hide, which due to his own doings have been brought to the fore! I truly feel for the wonderful congregation Calvary Baptist Church and pray they get a godly man, someday! It is an aging congregation which has seen the numbers decrease steadily under the "leadership" of this evil man!

Anyway, I enjoy your straightforward manner, and pray I continue to relish in your writing!

May God bless you and yours, and continue to guide you through the treacherous lanes in which you travel!

Love in Christ,

Helga Hickman, Niagara Falls, NY

PS: So disturbed has Matthew Furan been by my blog that he has preached a couple of sermons in which he claims that "anonymous sources" were looking to slander him (LYING RIGHT FROM THE PULPIT for my blog lists my name quite clearly, and I am listed in the phone book for anyone to find me, and what I have posted has only been the TRUTH!), and in another he spoke of, and I paraphrase very closely, "wolves that come into churches but don't stay long because wolves don't eat the same thing that sheep do!" I bet you didn't know that!




  1. So which one of you is aved Helga, You, or Matthew and HOW do you know?

  2. I know I am saved!

    Whether Matthew is or not, it is not my business, much less that of a fool like you!

    As snow in summer, and as rain in harvest, so honour is not seemly for a fool.
    Proverbs 26:1 (King James Bible)