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Friday, February 25, 2011

Is Israel's God a Trinity? by Myron "Mike" Perl a Converted Jew

Is Israel's God a Trinity?

by Myron "Mike" Perl

a Converted Jew

BereanBeacon | Feb 25, 2011

From a Hopeless End to an Endless Hope
Personal and True Testimony of Myron "Mike" Perl

Maurice Moshe Maurice
Maurice Levy: Sephardic-born Jew from Morocco: Hebrew and French teacher: speaks 6 languages

Anne Berman

Jordan West Bank Egypt Gaza Strip Mediterranean Sea 1948 Arab--Israeli War Golan Heights Muslims Christians Druze Samaritans Jordan Iran Iraq Syria Libia Lebenon Babylonian Jerusalm Massada Theodor Herzl Palestine David Ben-Gurion

Thy People Shall Be My People, a 249 page book chronicling the autobiography of Ruth June Perl, whose life remarkably parallels the Book of Ruth as recorded in the Old Testament.
Hebrew Christian Witness
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San Bernardino, CA. 92402

A Love Letter to the Children of Israel -
Christians Support Israel נוצרים תמיכה בישראל -

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Especially for the Jewish people: The Math of Christ (Probability of Prophecies) by Stephen M. Bauer


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