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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jim Jones And The Bible Version Issue by Bryan Denlinger (husky394xp)

As I stated in my previous post Corrected Title for Article: PASTOR SAYS DEMONS INVOLVED IN MY WARNING AGAINST WEST COAST by David Cloud, who needs enemies! We have some who purport to be "Christians" doing a pretty good job aiding Satan in working against us!

It was something I wrote in a comment on husky394xp's previous video, which I postedHow To Get Rid Of Your Old New Version by Bryan Denlinger that has prompted a cascade of ignorance by one mark0454.

Thus, Bryan Denlinger decided he would cover it all in a video, which he has done very competently.

Jim Jones And The Bible Version Issue

husky394xp | Feb 23, 2011 | likes, 0 dislikes

Many Alexandrian apostates compare King James Bible believers to Jim Jones, the leader and murderer of the "People's Church". Is this really a fair comparison? Was Jim Jones a "Bible-believing, Fundamentalist Christian"?

In this video you will see proof that Jim Jones was a satanic, Jesuit-trained, Communist. He openly rejected the Bible, and claimed that he was "God"! Jim Jones was definitely NOT a King James Bible-believer!

The Alexandrian defenders of the Vatican Versions, are proved wrong yet again!


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