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Monday, May 27, 2013

Islam, and the cost of leaving it by an ex-Muslim


(admin NY)

"I am an ex-Muslim. I left Islam, and for leaving it, I was subjected to threats of violence from people I broke bread with wanting to slash my face as well as mosque members. All friends that I had severed ties with me and began engaging in a brutal character assassination.

I had black paint smeared over my front door, religious books thrown through my letterbox and had to change my telephone number due to the amount of abusive and phone messages I was receiving. Muslims who I knew once friendly, using ugly words at me for being a traitor and betraying Islam and that I would go to hell.

During the time I was Muslim, I was subjected to the Islamic schools (madrassas where they teach you koran recitals without giving understanding).

I was systematically raped by members of my own family who then went on pilgrimage to Mecca once a year as they believe that pilgrimage absolves them of sin and are given a carte blanche to sin again. I was not allowed to go out, padlocked into the house, cleaning and cooking. I had to wear the burkha, which I hated – it was hot, uncomfortable and a pain in the neck. They tried to get me married off at age 15 but I got a crew cut which sent the lad and his family packing Subservience, submission and no personality is what they want – independent thinking bothers them greatly and answering back earned me a right good beating.

I am not alone as I have witnessed friends who were subjected to this and still are, sadly. This is the real Islam. People defend Islam but really, the understanding of what they allow outsiders to see is very heavily mediated - make no mistake about it.

As a woman, I will say that there is nothing liberating nor free about it; Islam systematically enables oppression and curtailment of freedoms. Muslims are very well educated people, they are polite and have an air of apparent civility, I agree. Make no mistake that it is a veneer for if you scratch beyond that surface, what you will encounter is quite ugly indeed. The men who raped and abused me (first time I was 11) and subjected me to what they did were well read professionals eminent within their fields. The women, both family and friends passively encouraged it and sat in the living room when the abuse happened, drinking coffee and chatting. Where is the humanity in that I say?
I can give you sheafs of stories for I know that my voice is not the only one in this sea. They even tried to kill me when I spoke up about the abuse to a female family member who betrayed my confidence therefore silence is a cowardly exit. They threw me out of the house, in a third world country with only the clothes on my back and no money and tried to run me over to make it look like an accident but I guess I got lucky and got away with my life.

I am fully aware that what I speak will offend some, as it has in the past and I will receive messages from angered Muslims, appeasers and sympathizers but I don't care - the truth is much more important, whether it be pleasant or ugly.

Before you all go and shout at me for being a hater, and that I only had a bad experience let me say this to you - you have not walked in my shoes, nor in the shoes of any other woman and man who has been subjected to the humiliating practices of Islam and the cruelty of institutionalized rape, incest and violence within it. You can be certain I am not alone but my stories run in millions across women in Islam. Islam does not mean peace but rather it means submission to Islam. Before you defend it, truly learn about it.

I feel that it is important to place to truth out there for people to see. I hear so many people in the west defending it. I understand that they are presented a very cordial image of the Muslim family but appearances are everything - they are educated, well read, well traveled but what goes on beyond this, only families are aware of it. It would be massive shame for it to become public. They are such hypocrites talking about honour - where is the honour in their way of life? Sad to say but they have no true understanding of honour, courage, respect, love and compassion. I am certain that the Muslims will undoubtedly take offence but this is the truth I speak. They lie effortlessly, therefore the truth will undeniably hurt.

The reason I write this is so that people begin to see the truth. It is hidden for far too long and our countries are suffering greatly from their violence and their lack of integration. Our societies and welfare systems are systematically and gravely abused. The cost of our ignorance is too high a price to pay and we must speak or else our civilization will surely and undoubtedly suffer and cease. I have seen them burn the flags of our countries who have given them a home and citizenship - it is truly a mockery and a slap in our faces for the generosity we have shown then and it is something that should anger us for it is blatantly disrespectful.

The very people who burn the flags are 'moderate Muslims' who have shops, daughters, businesses...this is the face of the moderate: the passive jihadist. I do not hate them for hate is a strong term but I do not respect them and think that we have been too tolerant to our own detriment and it is time to redress the balance. Time to speak up and stand for your country folks. Fear is not an option.

I am an infidel and proud of it. The flag represents my identity. Just as they have accorded me a safe haven and respect, I accord in return complete respect, gratitude and loyalty to my adopted country. I am thankful for the chance that they have given me."

WOW! I am in utter disbelief!  Praise God for such valiant women.  May God keep them safe, and draw them nigh to His Son!


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