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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

SOCIOPATH: Barack Obama is a sociopath!


Oh, thank God, not all sociopaths be "highly intelligent!" Sadly, I have met two, one dumber than the other, and praise God, I was able to identify such; I did a real study on the second, which is when I learned to identify the traits!  I have scratched them off my life, for good!

Such also are very good at apologizing, in an effort to charm fools! A trick of the trade!  It is NEVER a sincere apology, for such do not believe they are EVER wrong!

Neither are they "spontaneous," instead, very calculating!  They may want others to think they are spontaneous, and even give that as being in their character!

Of the "highly intelligent" ones, we have as an example Casey Anthony and Ted Bundy!

Note: I am putting up the picture in its original size, so the traits given can be read.



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