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Sunday, December 26, 2010

I am not Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ by DR. KENNY McCOMAS (List of Sound Sermon Sites)

BereanBeacon | December 25, 2010


Go to the Bible -

In posting a comment on this video, someone wished they could hear such sound preaching more often. I went and compiled the following list and responded they could!

Sound preaching is at anyone's fingertips! This channel has a wealth of full-length sermons by Peter Ruckman, Sam Gipp, Jack Hyles, and many more!^Petersen^Fellure^Denlinger&SpeakerOnly=true&currSection=sermonsspeaker&AudioOnly=false&SortBy=added,%20Tracts%20&%20Preaching/Audio%20Sermons/audio_sermons.htm ANYTHING you may wish to know, just fill in the search area and you will find an answer! Dr. Scott Johnson Dr. Scott Johnson Dr. Scott Johnson


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