Dear Sister Helga,

WOW! Isn't that amazing! The "good, godly, pious" talk ends when he is backed into a corner! Reminds me of a double-tongued serpent who slithers away from the light until it is confronted, then it coils and strikes!

I found it funny too how he used some of MacArthur's "Study Bible" quotes to disprove the FACT that he attacks the blood atonement in other places! As if the "good quotes" somehow make the bad ones go away!!!

I learned something a long time ago concerning how to succeed in any area of life. The TRUTH will NEVER make you successful or popular! The more double-tongued, lying, and deceitful you are, the more famous you will be. PERIOD!

I have been asked the following question many times; "If the new versions are so evil, why do so many godly, big-name preachers use them?" The answer is simple. They wouldn't be "big-name" preachers if they were standing for the KJV!

How many Christians have ever heard of "Mike Collingwood"? Very few! I know him personally and he is an excellent, King James Bible-believing pastor. (He also has a PhD.) Yet his church has less than 40 members. Why? Because he REFUSES to compromise!

If this Mike Gendron guy came out with the truth, his "career" as an evangelist would be over within months. (Maybe even weeks!) Dear Sister Helga, you hit him where it hurt the most! IN HIS WALLET!!! I bet the thought of "what if she is right!" flashed briefly through his mind, and the horror of being classified as a "King James Only cultist, Bible-believer" dawned on him! Oh, I bet he will have nightmares tonight! Oh the horror of running into a Christian that could see through his "sheep's clothing", to the "wolf" which truly lies beneath!

But on the positive side, now he will be able to relate his horrible ordeal to other wolves, and they can tell him how he was "persecuted for righteousness sake"!

Ha, ha, ha! :)

I'm sorry Helga. I just got carried away there! :)

Keep contending for the faith dear sister!

In Christ,


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