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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Operation FREE Terry Lakin: Contact Terry Lakin and Plead his Case

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The above is Major General Horst's e-mail address.
Please send him an e-mail asking him to let
Terrence Lakin's prison sentence to be suspended.

Contact Terry and Plead his Case

How to Contact Terry and Participate in Operation Free Terry Lakin.

MUST READ: World Net Daily: Army 'birther' jailed at Leavenworth. Learn how you can help Terry.

Action Week Summary & Challenge: Read Now


  • 6 months in prison
  • Forfeiture of pay
  • Dismissal from the Service

Key Trial Articles & Updates:


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Contacting Terry

Terry arrived safely at Fort Leavenworth to begin serving his six month sentence following his conviction at court-martial.

If you want to contact Terry via mail please follow these guidelines carefully:

  • Do not use rank or title. Only first name, last name, and registration number (see below).
  • We can send him letters, greeting cards and post office money orders but nothing else.
  • Do send any packages, food, magazines, etc.

Send your mail to:
Terrance Lakin #89996
830 Sabalu Road
Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027

Pleading Terry's Case: Operation Free Dr. Lakin

For those of you who inquired about clemency, please contact MAJOR GENERAL HORST, who was the convening authority for court-martial. MG Horst has the power to suspend or shorten LTC Lakin's sentence. His email address is: e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it · His fax number is 202-685-2801. You should call the PAO (Public Affairs Officer), Col. Robert Manning. The phone number to call is 202-685-4899.

You might remind MG Horst that LTC Lakin was denied the right to evidence to defend himself- i.e. denied discovery and denied the testimony of expert witnesses. Feel free to repeat to him that officers swear an oath to the Constitution- are trained on the unified chain of command and know that they are supposed to question orders that may be illegal. The Army failed LTC Lakin repeatedly when it avoided answering his simple question- is the Commander-in-Chief legally, Constitutionally eligible to command the U.S. Armed Forces? His Congressional delegation failed him too when it could not answer this question.

LTC Lakin enjoyed support from high ranking, retired military officers, Major General Paul Vallely, and Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney and eligibility plaintiffs, CDR Charles Kerchner and Captain Pam Barnett (who both attended his court-martial). LT GEN McInerney had wanted to testify as an expert witness for LTC Lakin but was disallowed by the Judge, COL Lind. Former Presidential candidate, Ambassador Alan Keyes also supported LTC Lakin and was not permitted to testify.


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