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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

America Under Attack !!! (2)

This is an addition to my previous post America Under Attack !!!

From: Roy Beck, President, NumbersUSA
Date: Thanksgiving 25NOV2010 4 p.m. CST

'Immigration By The Numbers -- Off The Charts'

Click here to view it.

If Thanksgiving dinner is over and you've run out of things to talk about with your family or friends, how about showing them our latest video? (This is NOT the "gumballs" video that we send you last month. YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS VIDEO, SO AT LEAST WATCH IT YOURSELF.)

"If this video didn't scare you, I don't know what will. Our current population growth resulting from legal immigration is pure insanity and will destroy America." -- gfragos (comment on YouTube)

"WOW!!!! This is something all AMERICANS need to know!! I would love my Kids to have the same type of life I had when I was a kid in 1970!!" -- skatevw (comment on YouTube)

"I'm a visual type person so seeing these numbers illustrated like this really makes an impact. I've already emailed it to a bunch of my friends." -- Peter L. (email to us)

We have designed this video to be shared with your relatives and friends whom you may not be sure how they will react to an appeal for lower immigration numbers.

But nearly every one of your friends and relatives is going to lose major things they love about life in the U.S. if immigration policies aren't changed. They just may not know it yet. Will you give them a chance this weekend to see the threat we are all under?

Click here to view it:

Our latest professional video lays out in 10 minutes the practical necessity for the next Congress to start cutting legal and illegal immigration every place possible.

I really encourage you to take a few minutes to look at the video now because it will help you make sense of everything we do at NumbersUSA. And I think it will cause nearly all of you to move your immigration activism to an even higher priority.

The video was a collaborative effort of many. Even though it is my mug and voice all over it, the first viewers have been extremely enthusiastic.

Click here to view it.

"A very informative and scary video. The stage props clearly demonstrate Roys point." -- Matt J.

"This is an outstanding and an unbiased presentation." -- monte93

"The numbers tell it all. If we don't take action immediately we will have no future worth looking forward to." -- pcgeezer1043

"WOW and more WOW ! We had better put on the brakes NOW." -- vaughnanderson


This is NOT the new "gumballs" video I sent you a month ago. (That one already has a half-million views.) The gumballs video dealt with ethical considerations of immigration and world poverty.

But this is the video that deals with the consequences of immigration to OUR country, to our environmental resources, to OUR quality of life.

Click here to see the new 10-minute CHARTS video showing the U.S. population consequences of our current immigration policies.

We filmed this video before the same audience at the historic and prestigious Centre College in Kentucky.


Frankly, few Americans have ever thought about the cumulative devastation that immigration policies are leading toward.

Most Americans react to this presentation in one of two ways:
  • They refuse to believe that the projections based on Census data are true, because they are so frightening.

  • They are horrified, believe the data and commit themselves to change the future.
We truly need millions of Americans to watch this video.

"This needs to become a 'national showing,' such as shown in all the committees of congress, on the floor of the House and Senate, on Fox News and CNN, and in schools and colleges. -- Allen B.

"Please post this to Facebook so your friends can see it." -- adburger

"Great video Mr. Beck. If we can just get people to watch this. It puts these startling numbers into perspective. It is terrifying. Pass this video around." -- pmurescuer

"I think the video is great and allows even small children to understand the situation. You have to put things in graphs, pictures, gumballs or whatever to get people to really understand. Great job!!I wonder if any of my local schools would allow this to be shown??" -- Cindi P.

"The CHARTS Video compellingly demonstrates why everyone in America today, citizens and immigrants alike, and all their descendants will enjoy a better quality of life IF we return legal immigration numbers to traditional levels." -- Hilary H.

"Mr Beck is sure a great speaker & I particularly loved the theatrics of having to go get a ladder to illustrate horribly high population growth and how INCONVENIENT it will be! We here in Houston need this video distributed desperately, it's grown 1 million (33%, from 4 to 5 mil) in only the last 10 years." -- Robert D.

"Actually this is a more modern and more effective presentation of a chart that led me to support Numbers USA. It made me realize the substantial and unsustainable impact importing large quantities of immigrants to this country to satisfy cheap labor demands (even professionals) would have on everyone's future. Pay now or pay later? Our grand kids will feel the impact on their lives of much less resources! But then with less immigration they might also find more jobs. The impact of the presentation is very effective. But the key is how do you get more people to view it? I think getting cable news involved to review/comment on it, even if they disagree, gets the discussion going causing more hits and the presentation is effective enough to get thoughtful understanding and conversions." -- GaryE

"We must control our immigration wisely, or it will surely control us. This video makes it so clear." -- Dan G.

"(The video states that) 'This isn't something that might be, this is something that will be unless we change the immigration numbers today... The people of 2100 will have no choice...that is a future that does not have to happen.' Roy Beck's words describe the terrible future for our children and grandchildren, but they also offer hope. It really is our choice: to act now to reduce unnecessary immigration or to let our children's future be destroyed by it." -- Al K.

"Whether your concern is urban sprawl, traffic congestion, pollution, sustainable living, or loss of farmland, immigration reduction must be a primary part of the solution." -- Clark C.

Click here to view it.

Friends, we created this video for mass education of the public on why they must push the new Congress to immediately change our immigration policies to stop the present ruinous course.

Whether an American is a liberal, a conservative or a centrist, doesn't really matter. What he/she likes most about America cannot survive the demographic tidal wave illustrated in this "Charts" video.


P.S. This alert was read and approved by my sister-in-law Helen Neiger with whom I had run out of anything else to talk about after our Thanksgiving dinner at this nursing home in Columbia, Missouri with my father-in-law, Fred Neiger.

I hope you have had a good day with whatever form of family you find yourself today.

Click here to view it.

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Immigration by the Numbers -- Off the Charts

NumbersUSA | September 10, 2010 | likes, 7 dislikes

A startling look at how U.S. immigration will add 300 million people to the country this century if policies are not changed. This dramatic presentation of the latest Census data raises serious questions about the ability of the country to achieve environmental sustainability and to meet the quality-of-life infrastructure needs of the national community.

Presented by author/journalist Roy Beck

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