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Monday, December 13, 2010

The Systematic Murder of Believers

Just received this from Richard Bennett:

Dear Partner in the Gospel,
The systematic murder of believers is an indictment against the Papacy
that is warranted. Interest in the history of the Inquisition
continues, and many people, including Catholics, desire to get the
facts in written format. This we do, together with the actual photos
of instruments of torture and death, and accompanied by more than 600
years of dreadful horror. In the words of the renowned Catholic
historian Lord Acton, “The Inquisition is peculiarly the weapon and
peculiarly the work of the Popes. It stands out from all those things
in which they co-operated, followed or assented as the distinctive
feature of papal Rome. The principle of the Inquisition is the Pope’s
sovereign power over life and death. Whosoever disobeys him should be
tried and tortured and burnt. That is to say, the principle of the
Inquisition is murderous, and a man’s opinion of the Papacy is
regulated and determined by his opinion of religious assassination.”
We wish to reach out in love especially to those within the Papal
system; while the article is strong in denunciation, nonetheless we
trust the Lord’s own promise, “the truth shall make you free.” The
article is a valuable source of documented historical truth, kindly
makes it known to others. It is located at:

We regret that we cannot email the article to you as a Word document
because of the many photos that are embedded in it. Our DVD on the
Inquisition continues to attract thousands of viewers on the
Internet. For example it is easily viewed at:

We are encouraged that two of our books been translated into the Czech
by Pavel Bartosz and his wife, Jana. “Far from Rome Near to
God, The Testimonies of 50 Converted Catholic Priests” is entirely
translated, as is Catholicism East of Eden. This second book is with
a publisher in the Czech Republic awaiting printing. All of this
happened as Banner of Truth published third edition of the popular
former Priests’ book and the second edition of “Catholicism East of
Eden”. Remembering the years of research that went into these books
we rejoice that these books are now available across the world.

ISBN: 9781848710832Catholicism East of Eden
ISBN 0851517331 “Far From Rome Near to God”

Our many MP3 messages continue to be the most popular resource. As
countless numbers of people now have MP3 players and I-Ponds so please
make this supply of information known at:

The second most employed resource on our Website is our DVDs located

Lolly Harding was a Medical Nun for 13 fascinating years, until the
Lord remarkably dealt with her. We have a most interesting interview
with her, which you will find to be genuine and cordial. She was
interviewed on her ranch in Del Rio, Texas. Please make this DVD
known to others so that Lolly Harding’s message may touch other
hearts. It is located at:

Trusting in the Lord’s grace and His Gospel alone,
Richard Bennett


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