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Monday, December 13, 2010

A Former Catholic Medical Nun

BereanBeacon | May 11, 2009

Lolly Harding was 13 years a medical Nun and was remarkably dealt with by the Lord. Richard Bennett interviewed her on her ranch in Del Rio TX. This is most interesting interview that is quite heartwarming and every evangelistic. Please share with your friends, and if possible post a link on your website.

Richard Bennett was from the Republic of Ireland and trained by the Jesuit priests in his early years. He received eight years of theological instruction and preparation for the priesthood with the Dominicans, completing his education at the Angelicum University in Rome in 1964. He spent 21 years as a Roman Catholic priest in Trinidad, West Indies, 20 years of which he served as a parish priest.

Rome Promotes Evolutionism, Excludes the God of Creation
By Richard Bennett

To better evaluate the Vaticans current position on evolutionism, it is necessary to know of its Project STOQ (Science, Technology, and the Ontological Quest). The Projects publicly stated purpose is to work toward a new philosophical basis by which the integration of science and religion can be traditionally understood. Apparently they deem this an urgent necessity since they claim that there is a lack of a solid tradition of affronting [facing] issues in this way, [i.e., through an integrated view of science and religion]. More at

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Comparing the Bible to The Catholic Catechism 1994 by Richard Bennett -


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