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Monday, April 11, 2011

ABC's 2020 Program Attacks Independent Baptists (Catholic Propaganda) by Bryan Denlinger of Bible Believers Fellowship

There is NOTHING the Roman Catholic AGENDA won't encompass!!

The WORST part of being a Catholic is that to be one is to be no more than an IGNORANT!
Ignorant of its history, ignorant of the true beliefs held by their so-called leader!
If the Lord allows that this miserable world continue, very soon we will see a new dogma appear for the Catholics, which will state exactly what this Pope Benedict XVI believes, THAT CHRIST NEVER RESURRECTED! THAT NEITHER WILL WE!! This about which he wrote in his younger days! After all, the last "dogma" of the "holy mother having been taken to heaven" didn't surface until 1950. Talk about being in a CULT!

This MORON, who calls herself a "reporter," is doing no more than promoting the Roman Catholic AGENDA!

In 1198, Pope Innocent III said, "All who read the Bible are to be killed" (The Library of Universal Knowledge, Vol. 2, pg. 516. HERE is where the CATHOLIC INQUISITION BEGAN, AND LASTED FOR 605 YEARS, each new pope endeavoring to come up with "NEW AND IMPROVED" TORTURE TOOLS!

In 1234, the Senate of Tarragon in Spain declared, "If a heretic is in possession of any translation, he should be killed if it is not delivered up within eight days to be burned."

Pope Boniface VIII's "bull" called Unum Sanctum: "It is necessary for every human being creature for salvation to be subject to the authority of the Roman Pontiff. Out of the Roman Church no one can be saved because Jesus never gave nor will ever give any other church for the salvation of men." In the same work we read: "Those who do not care to sing their salvation in the Roman Catholic Church can never have the least hope to be saved."

Ah! But let's move on to TODAY, when it is the Jesuit Oath of Induction promises to MURDER any who do not conform! They did just this in Croatia, in the 1990's!


Great message, Brother Bryan!
Got my dander up!

Please click on link to hear sermon:

Bryan Denlinger | Catholic Propaganda Bible Believers Fellowship 
SUN 04/10/2011

More Sermon Details:
On Friday night, the 8th of April, 2011, the 20/20 program on the ABC television network launched a propaganda hit piece on Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches.

The reporter's name is Elizabeth Vargas. She is a liberal, feminist, Roman Catholic. She made some VERY wild claims, and many times provided absolutely NO documented proof for her accusations!

As a documentary film maker myself, I can honestly say that this program was one of the most poorly produced propaganda pieces I have ever seen. Vargas found a small group of dissatisfied former Baptist church members, and tried to make outrageous claims against ALL Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Churches.

It is my belief that Vargas designed this ridiculous propaganda piece, as damage control for her Catholic church! She showed her hypocrisy by attacking Baptists for only 3 cases, when Vargas herself is a member of the Catholic church which has molested untold MILLIONS!

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