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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Alberto Rivera (Ex Jesuit Priest) by tlthe5th

Room at the Cross

Uploaded by on Nov 15, 2008
Best Loved Hymns - Room at the Cross

I had to make myself go to bed last night, so hard it was for me to tear away from listening to just the first two extraordinary videos of this collection! If nothing else makes you say "WOW!", this series will!  It is awesome, I to be going to listen to every last one of them.  I hope I was able to gather them all here!  I saved these as a playlist, therefore, I expect they will play one after the other.
Part 1 Alberto Rivera (Ex Jesuit Priest)
Day 3 Alberto Rivera Translates Ex Nun's Testimony
Alberto Rivera (Ex Jesuit Priest) Day 7



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