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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

About Miranda...

Well, isn't it funny how things always go round and round.

Got this most unexpected message yesterday, through my Facebook, which I copied and am pasting here. I more especially post this for I have NO DOUBT that the transmittal of this brief exchange (I have blocked her!) will be anything but what it actually was, this a viper whom I have NEVER known to tell the truth, perjuring herself to be second-nature to her!
Between You and Ang Varga
Ang Varga April 19 at 8:00pm Report
Let me know if you would like me to send you a picture of Miranda..
Helga Hickman April 19 at 8:36pm 
Oh! Isn't that sweet!! How touching!

You need something from me, again?
That was why you first contacted me, back on July 9, 1999, after which I did not get to see Miranda!

Later it was for me to help you with getting the Social Security!

That accomplished, you had no more use for me! I spent a couple of thousand dollars I did not have to be able to see Miranda, but you had your game-playing, not being home when I there was to pick her up, and kept her from me, repeatedly, IN SPITE OF A COURT ORDER! I could afford no more the waste nor the damage to my health!

What could you need this time!

After all these years I have no doubt you to continue being the same: a fake!
Ang Varga April 19 at 8:52pm Report
wow, what a great Christian attitude...your loss not mine...
Helga Hickman April 19 at 8:57pm 
Well! It seems I learned from the best UNCHRISTIANS there were from whom to learn!

It's been your loss!! And Miranda's, thanks to you and your mother!


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