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Saturday, September 29, 2012

In case you see this: how to properly make a phone call

You dial a number.  You hear the phone ring on the other end.

Someone answers: "Hello"  You respond with an exuberant "HI!"

I ask, who are you, and for your name!

You get offended (?!) and will not answer; offended that I did not know you!

Why would I have??  When have we ever talked on the phone?

I get many wrong-number calls!  Why could you not have been one?!

WHY WOULD YOU NOT GIVE ME YOUR NAME, RIGHT OFF THE BAT??!!  It IS the proper way to announce oneself!

How absurd to play a cat-and-mouse game, especially at that hour!
I worked very hard today, in the yard, and had already fallen asleep,
when you called!

Whether you hung up or not, I do not know!  I know you did not respond when I further spoke to you, so I hung up, sensing you were no longer there!

You are welcome to call back.

Have a happy birthday!


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