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Saturday, September 15, 2012


Quite recently I signed up to receive the above site's newsletters, 
and am utterly disgusted by what I read today in the article 
Obama Politicizes Solemn Ceremony?

I was quick to post the following comment, which I further 
sent on to them through their contact link:

I am sorry! I viewed the entire ceremony, very tastefully conducted and shown by FNC, its Megyn Kelly to not have uttered a word. There was not need, for the beautiful hymns played were the backdrop to very moving scenes.

I am absolutely not a fan of Obama, who I pray is shown the exit door of the White House beginning on November 6, but, you guys are overdoing it to say this was exploited by him. It was not!
It was nothing less than our heroes deserved!

Furthermore, no mention was even made of the Ambassador's wife, whom I believe to be non-existent! You should get your facts straight! His parents were addressed in Clinton's remarks!

Shame on you! We should not delve in petty politics, especially on such occasions.

So much more is at stake!! 

The truth is bad enough!

The responses given asserted me that these had not viewed the ceremony! These were responding to the inflammatory statements made by a supposedly "conservative" site!

I see no difference between posting one such irresponsible article 
or the Hezbollah inciting ignorant Muslims to attack the USA. 
It is the likes of these that dishonor our fallen heroes!

Both equally disgusting!!

Depending on the response I get, if one I get, I shall consider NEVER again viewing this LYING site!

By the way, I am a registered CONSERVATIVE!



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