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Thursday, September 6, 2012

“We aren’t accusing Obama” … HUH?!? by Mack Quigley


“We aren’t accusing Obama” … HUH?!?

Posted on July 18


Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s chief criminal suspect in forged Obama birth certificate is

Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced conclusive proof that Obama’s pdf “birth certificate” on the White House server is a forged document – yet he stated that he is not accusing the man of any wrongdoing. Arpaio says that he has no proof that Obama created or knew of the forgery.

That doesn’t make any sense: Obama affirmed the veracity of the document at a press conference! He has to be a “suspect” or at the least “a person of interest” in the crime of forgery that occurred. Why can’t Arpaio say as much?

Further, Maricopa County’s cold-case posse investigator Mike Zullo said that he is only investigating the crime of forging government documents, and is not interested in any other “irrelevant” information that was gathered by investigative reporter Jerome Corsi.

But that doesn’t make any sense either. Since Obama is the prime suspect in this forgery, why isn’t Corsi’s investigation that shows  corroborating evidence of Obama’s use of a false-identity also relevant?

To establish Obama’s guilt in the pdf forgery we do not have to show that he used the computer program that created it – we only have to show that he knew the document was a forgery and that he caused people to rely upon it.

He certainly caused people to rely upon it by his own words at the press conference where he said it “laid to rest” the issue of where he was born. And Obama’s knowledge that the document was fraudulent can be established by circumstantial evidence: his use of false social security numbers, various alias (“Harrison J. Burnell“), forged selective service registration, his secretive school records, the lies and deceptions in his autobiography, the representations of his birth in Kenya by his own publicist, wife, and grandmother, and so on and so forth. Corsi has gathered a huge amount of information that makes unbelievable the notion of Obama being ignorant of the forgery.

Arpaio and Zullo need to make a direct accusation against Obama if they wish to trigger a Congressional Investigation. If they don’t have the bravery to make the accusation, then the cowards in Congress won’t have the guts to follow through with their own investigation.

By refusing to make a direct accusation against Obama, they are destroying the impact of the information they have uncovered, and they are treating Obama with kid gloves. Obama has perpetrated a monstrous fraud on the American public - and Arpaio and Zullo need to plainly state it!

Blogger's notes:

Gutless is simply not an adjective to be used in connection with Sheriff Joe Arpaio!  He is most definitely my hero for the very verve he has shown throughout!  But then, why go through so much investigating, etc., and not follow through?! 

I am absolutely baffled!  There must be a reason!  He may wish to overcome some more obstacles to then lay it all on the line, once for all!  I certainly hope so!



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