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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Corrie Ten Boom's The Hiding Place (complete movie)

Here another gem indicated to me by my dearest Jithin.  I cannot think of a better summary to use than Jithin's own words to me:

"I have just seen another fantastic Christian Movie.

 "It is based on the Nazi terror and it tells a true Story ( 'Touch of the masters hand' was also a True story') about a wonderful & loving Christian family who faces tribulation for believing in Christ, and his principles even in the worst situations of life.

"The movie is a real eye-opener to the present generation, who rejects even the very idea about the Supreme God.


"People are very conditional in their faith, when they get troubles they will think about God, because of the knowledge that nothing is in their hands, but how fortunate we are to get a merciful God who does hear even such selfish and inconsistent people like us.  Praise the Lord."

I am so very proud and thankful for my young brother in Christ!

Corrie Ten Boom, 

The Hiding Place (complete movie)

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