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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Greg Gutfeld: "It's Them Not Us" - Anti-Muslim Film Controversy - The Five - 9-17-12

This was an excellent monologue. I specifically was looking for it and found this channel! Glad to see these uploaded by this YouTuber (RightSightings)!

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters said it best: 
"In the Muslim world, a man NEVER apologizes for anything! A man who apologizes is seen as subservient, in a weak position, who has no other choice!"

Obama, who has never ceased to trumpet his great knowledge of the Muslim world, should have known this. Rather, his has been a trail of appeasement and apologetic throughout!

We now see the results!

Greg Gutfeld: "It's Them Not Us" 

- Anti-Muslim Film Controversy 

- The Five - 9-17-12

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The insistence by Susan Rice, Ambassador to the U.N., that the utterly well-planned assault on the Consulate and the safe house ON 9/11 were to be blamed on a THREE-MONTH-OLD VIDEO on YouTube, Col. Allen West describes as: 

Oh! I so wish my dear Col. West would speak his mind!!



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