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Monday, September 10, 2012

Barack Obama - Gaffe Mania Collection

This the acclaimed orator??
The fool can only put his foot in his mouth
when he has not a teleprompter! 

Barack Obama - Gaffe Mania I - IV


Barack Obama - Gaffe Mania I 

- Dumber than Dumb

Uploaded by on Jun 1, 2008
This clown Barack "Ogaffa" has taken "dumb", beyond the occasional gaffe, to a whole new level. From Khruschev to Chavez and more. Also be sure to watch BO's Gaffe Mania II.

Barack Obama - Gaffe Mania II 

- Hero of the Stupid

Uploaded by on Jun 21, 2008
Watch this retard's non-stop babbling. From Bush's 4th term to automakers and more. Also be sure to watch Part 1, "Barack Obama - Gaffe Mania I - Dumber Than Dumb"

Barack Obama - Gaffe Mania III 

- Dopey Dildock

Uploaded by on Mar 21, 2009
Barack "Ogaffa" Obama, the gaffe gift that keeps on giving. Seances to Special Olympics and more ...

Barack Obama - Gaffe Mania IV 

- Obozo the Clown

Uploaded by on Jul 28, 2010
Obozo the Clown's gaffe machine is in high gear, resulting in a torrent of new gaffes. From Oreon cookies to "Is it live or is it Memorex?"



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