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Friday, September 28, 2012

Jack Chick: "My first Halloween witnessing experience was. . "

Chick Publications: Chick tracts get read!
Would you please give me the Gospel? 

Halloween witnessing started for me 

47 years ago - at my front door!

By Jack Chick

It was October 1965, and I had just settled in a small city here in Southern California. Halloween was not nearly as popular as it is today (have you seen all the demonic decorations in local stores?). But I did have several visitors to my door that night. I remember specifically four young girls dressed in ghostly costumes, who knocked on my door. We had not yet written any Halloween-themed tracts, so I handed them each a copy of "Happy Hour" (the story of an alcoholic father).

I was amazed to see that each girl stood there silently on my porch and started reading the tract. What shocked me even more was that each said her father was the same way -a drunk, who caused tremendous conflict in their homes! I encouraged them to read through the whole tract that night and pray and ask the Lord to save them.

God helped me realize that night what an amazing witnessing opportunity we Christians have each Halloween, (and I haven't missed one yet!). Hurting children with no hope will be visiting our homes and it's the perfect opportunity to give each one a tract, showing them how to get SAVED!

We've heard from many of you who have decided not to turn off the lights and hide in the back room on Halloween, but who have decided to use it as a witnessing opportunity. Praise God for you! Kids will come to your door so you don't have to worry about walking on other people's property and possibly getting a door shut in your face as you talk. For most of us shy people, the hardest part about witnessing is having to approach people. But on October 31st, these people will come to OUR door!

Would you join me this Halloween and help reach the kids (and their parents) in your neighborhood? Beloved, this is a war for souls!!!

Yours in Christ,




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