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Thursday, April 14, 2011

How to reach Muslims with the Koran by James W Knox of Underground Christian Network (JESUS IS DIVINE according to the Quran!)


Wacky Islam

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You can buy a copy of this comic book at It explains the weird beliefs of Islam, and shows the facts about Muhammed that most Muslims don't want to know!

Let me note here that I realize that there are different ways of spelling "Muhammed". I have seen it spelled as Mohammed, Muhammad, and also as Muhammed. Honestly, the spelling of his name is not that important to me. However his name is spelled, it just ends up standing for a very wicked man, who is in Hell right now!

The moon god cult of Islam will damn millions to Hell, unless they repent and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation. This video was made to show people this fact!


James W Knox Underground Christian Network 
TUE 09/07/2010

More Sermon Details:
This message can be burned to a CD and given to your muslim friends and neighbors, it proves from the Quaran/Koran that Jesus is God, not just a prophet as taught by Islam, presented in a loving manner this message will reach the heart of any Muslim who truely seeks the truth about God. FREELY MAKE COPIES AND GIVE THEM TO ENGLISH SPEAKING MUSLIMS EVERYWHERE!!!

JESUS IS DIVINE according to the Quran!


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