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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cry of the Innocent! by BereanBeacon


Cry of the Innocent!

Uploaded by on Apr 2, 2011 
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Lyrics by: Therese Goodwin
Sung by Marda Bebb
Narrator: Pastor John Anderson
From the book "Cry of the Innocents" by John O. Anderson (c)1984, New Jersey: Bridge Publishing
Produced by James & Karen Sundquist

DISCLAIMER: Rock Salt Publishing was founded by author James Sundquist as a volunteer discernment ministry to assist those who have been affected by the abuse of ecclesiastical power or false doctrine. The contents of all of the emails, articles, blogs, books and broadcasts have been researched very thoroughly and carefully. Where applicable, both documentation and supportive Scripture references are provided. It is a very serious matter to bring charges against any organization or individual, and therefore if anyone reading these charges is able to substantiate that they are false, please bring this to our attention.

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