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Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Empty Tomb by Chick Publications

Chick Publications: Chick tracts get read!

Was it was her last chance?

Not everybody gets saved when they feel conviction of sin. Many of those who will attend your church services this Easter will delay life's most important decision. But if people leave your church still lost, you can easily send the gospel home with them. How? By inserting a Chick tract inside the morning bulletin and by giving one to everybody who attends the service.

You never know who will take a tract home, read it and get saved.

Easter Sunday is quickly approaching (April 24th). Pews of soul-winning churches will be filled with unsaved people who attend church only once or twice a year.

The Empty Tomb - Read the story of Christ's resurrection from the dead.This year, you can send the gospel home with them by giving everyone who attends your Easter service a copy of The Empty Tomb as they leave.

Later, as the Holy Spirit keeps knocking at the door of their hearts, they can read what to do, or what to pray. Perhaps family members persuaded them to go to church. Or maybe their best friends finally got the courage to ask them to come.

Let's face it, many people go to church on Easter Sunday and hear the message, but they don't decide that morning to accept Christ. Make sure that when they get home, and the Holy Spirit continues to bring conviction, that they have a tract that tells them what to do. They may not get another chance.

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