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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Answers To Your Bible Version Questions (Includes Quotes by Erasmus)


Answers To Your Bible Version Questions (Includes Quotes by Erasmus)

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Quotes by Erasmus that Rome hides.
Are Modern Translations Trustworthy? -
20 Translations Call Jesus a Liar, Do You Care? John 7:8 -

Why did you write "Answers To Your Bible Version Questions" and what do you hope to accomplish with this volume?
Who authorized the King James Bible? Who was John Rainolds and what did he say to King James that was so important?
Erasmus is credited with the Textus Receptus, but was Erasmus sympathetic to Roman Catholicism?
It is common for modern "scholarship" to cast doubt on 1 John 5:7 because it, allegedly, is not found in any Greek MSS before 1600. You prove that conclusion to be completely erroneous. Please explain.
The Roman Catholic Church takes credit for giving us the Bible. Did the Roman Catholic Church really give us the Bible?
Translators of modern Bibles often give the reading found in the Septuagint. What is the Septuagint?How does Matthew 5:18 and Luke 24:44 prove that Jesus did not quote from the Septuagint? What about those alleged NT quotations of the OT that seem to favor the Septuagint?There is so much that is connected with the Septuagint and its alleged miraculous inspiration that is demonstrably false. Why, then, are the modern "scholars" pushing the Septuagint?Did Peter quote the Septuagint? Or did
the Septuagint somehow quote Peter? Was the Septuagint actually written after the New Testament?Isaiah 14:12 in the King James Bible reads: "How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!" The NIV reads: "How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn!" Why are they different?
A lot of people think that the King James' "ye's" and "thee's" are just archaic and have no real significance. Give us a couple of examples of how really important these words are.


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