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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Fake Ape-Men - The Evolution Conspiracy clips 1 and 2

Ah! EXCUSES! EXCUSES!! have they for why these have not been found!

If such forms EVER EXISTED we'd have them plastered everywhere!
It would have been the NEWS OF THE MILLENNIUM!

To think that the idea we were created by a loving God, Who made us in His image, would be repudiated in favor of our just being the result of an accidental Big Bang THEORY!

How sad an option!

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(NEW stuff added!) A Creation Challenge to the Chickens of Evolution

No Transitional Forms -

The Evolution Conspiracy clip 1

Uploaded by on Oct 8, 2007

This revealing clip shows how there is a lack of transitional forms essential for to support the theory of evlotion.

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Response to a comment on this video:

The Fake Ape-Men -

The Evolution Conspiracy clip 2

Upoaded by on Oct 9, 2007

NB at 4:04 Dubois is said to have claimed the that skull cap belonged to a gibbon. Gould addressed this issue in 1990. (2 years AFTER this film was produced)

"Evolutionist articles of textbooks and anthropological journal articles have often written that Dubois eventually renounced his 'Java man' and claimed it was merely a giant gibbon. Such authorities have naturally been quoted to this effect in creationist works. New information uncovered by that persistent iconoclast of evolutionism, Stephen Jay Gould, shows beyond doubt that this is a misleading picture. Dubois himself is quoted as having written in 1932: "Pithecanthropus was not a man, but a gigantic genus allied to the gibbons ... I still believe, now more firmly than ever, that the Pithecanthropus of Trinil is the real "missing link."

Further to this...
"When Dubois exhibited his skull cap and thigh bone in in Berlin in 1895, Virchow refused to chair the meeting, having pointed out that the deep structure in the skull which was characteristic of apes, he said, 'in my opinion this creature was an animal, a giant gibbon, in fact. The thigh bone has not the slightest connection with the skull'. p.168 Wednt, H., From Apes to Adam, Thames and Hudson

In an a attempt to prove human descent from apes many species of ape men have been faked from little or no evidence.

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Bones of Contention: A Creationist Assessment of the Human Fossils by Marvin L. Lubenow

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Ex-Evolutionist Exposes flaws in evolution

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