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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Satan: His Past, Present, and Future by Bryan Denlinger of Bible Believers Fellowship

Quite appropriately, I happened to see this sermon, which is presented at the end, and to which I listened last night at bedtime!

Indeed, just when it was I was speaking of the Devil, Matthew Furan, "pastor" of Calvary Baptist Church of Niagara!

In it I learned that statistics show it is CHURCH MINISTERS who are the Devil's main help, doing his work by perverting God's word, which Matthew Furan, other than keeping it well hidden (the King James Bible) until I came to Calvary Baptist Church, has twisted it aplenty in his sermons.

Were someone to hear his "sermon" on "Authority, Where Does It Come From? by Matthew Furan 14.02.2010", and believe it, this man or woman would be utterly disillusioned and may never ever have had a chance to assemble with like Christ-believers and start a church for themselves! THIS IS HOW THE NEW TESTAMENT CHURCHES WERE, AND NOT THE WAY MATTHEW FURAN LIES THROUGH HIS TEETH IN PRESENTING HIS SERMON, MALEVOLENTLY PERVERTING GOD'S WORD!!

By the way, I just went into his site, and the above sermon, together with a whole lot more has been removed!! Well, I have them all downloaded that I have heard that I keep as proof of his evil maneuverings! I aim to have him on his toes, if not gone from here! He should sell shoes and not the word of the Devil as being that of God! Just yesterday I had copied the already brief list of sermons available:

David Part 1: "The Standard of God's Choice"06.03.2011
Pilate's Defining Moment06.03.2011
Refuting Reformation Theology Part 4: "Why Respond To The Gospel?"02.03.2011
The Day The Rooster Preached27.02.2011
Saul Part 6: For You To Follow God20.02.2011
Who Is Really On Trial?20.02.2011
God can use you, if you want to be used.13.02.2011
Divine Love- This is Your Valentine's Day13.02.2011
Refuting Reformation Theology, Calvin's Confusion Part 1: Biblical Election09.02.2011
What we can learn from the betrayal and arrest of Jesus06.02.2011
Saul Part 5: "The Folly of Pretentious Worship"06.02.2011
Saul Part 4: "The Folly of Fear"30.01.2011
The Folly of Presumption30.01.2011
Disbelief In The Church- Part 2 - "Without the Resurrection of Christ, I would be..."26.01.2011
Jude Exhorts The Beloved23.01.2011
A Memorial Of Christ's Sufferings23.01.2011
Disbelief In The Church- Resurrection Proof19.01.2011
How To Handle Slander16.01.2011
The Folly of Speaking Evil16.01.2011
God's Line of Authority12.01.2011
Saul: Part 3 "The Folly of Imprudence"09.01.2011
Before Passover09.01.2011
God Is Not The Author Of Confusion05.01.2011
Saul: Part 2 "The Choice of a New Generation"02.01.2011
Edifuing the Church- Part 229.12.2010
Edifying The Church22.12.2010
Contrasting Tongues and Prophecy15.12.2010
Saul: Part 1 "The Folly of Not Following God."12.12.2010
Tongues Have Ceased08.12.2010
Charity Never faileth01.12.2010
Betrayal Is Not Convenient28.11.2010
Encouragement From Rewards28.11.2010
Charity- A More Excellent Way24.11.2010
Encouragment For The Believer - Part 3 21.11.2010
Consecration and Criticism21.11.2010
Various Gifts Within the Body17.11.2010
Jesus's Instructions For Preparing For His Coming14.11.2010
Encouragement For The Believer- Part 2 - 14.11.2010
Schism in the Body, There is a Better Way10.11.2010
Encouragement for the Believer- Part 1 07.11.2010
The Body of Christ, What is It?03.11.2010
The Distribution of Spiritual Gifts 27.10.2010
Horrors of the Last Days17.10.2010
Ignorance Concerning Spiritual GIfts - Part 213.10.2010
Hated For The Gospel's Sake10.10.2010
Lessons to The CHurch"The Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts" Part 1- An Introduction06.10.2010
Mark 13:1-8 "The Beginning Of The End"03.10.2010
Psalm 23 - Part 12 "I Wil Dwell In The House Of The Lord Forever."29.09.2010
Prophecy and The End Times - "On The Other Side of Hell"26.09.2010
Psalm 23 Part 11 "Surely Goodness and Mercy Shall Follow Me"22.09.2010
Prophect And The End Times "On The Other Side Of Heaven"19.09.2010
Psalm 23: Part 10 "Thou Anointest Mine Head WIth Oil"15.09.2010
Prophecy and The End Times:"The Most Somber Verse In The Bible 12.09.2010
Psalm 23: Part 9 "Dining In The Presence Of The Enemy"08.09.2010
Psalm 23: Part 8 'Thy Rod and Thy Staff"01.09.2010
The Saint's Heritage, The Word Of God.29.08.2010
Prophecy and The End Times: "The King Is Coming !" The Second Coming Of Christ29.08.2010
Prophecy And The End Times: Heaven on Earth, The Millennium29.08.2010
Prophecy And The End Times: A Marriage Made In Heaven, The Marriage Supper Of The Lamb15.08.2010
The Lord Is My Shepherd Part 7 - "The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death"04.08.2010
Prophect In End Times- The Judgement Seat Of Christ01.08.2010
The Lord Is My Shepherd - Part 6 "The Purpose of Being Led In Paths Of Righeousness"28.07.2010
Bible Prophecy And The End Times - Part 3b "Jacob's In Trouble"25.07.2010
Bible Prophecy And The End Times Part 3a "Jacob's In Trouble18.07.2010
The Lord Is My Shepherd Part 5 - "He Restoreth My Soul"14.07.2010
Bible Prophecy and the End Times Part 2 - The Truth And Timing Of The Anti-Christ11.07.2010
Order In The Church11.07.2010
The Lord is My Shepherd Part 4 - The Still Waters07.07.2010
The Lord Is My Shepherd Part 3- "Green Pastures"30.06.2010
Biblical Prophecy and The End Times Part I 27.06.2010
The LORD is my Shepherd Part 2- "I Shall Not Want."23.06.2010
Whose Supper Is It?20.06.2010
Psalm 23 Part 1 "Who Is The LORD?"16.06.2010
Christian Ethics- Doing All To The Glory of God13.06.2010
Upon What Foundation Are You Building?09.06.2010
It's More Than A Mite!06.06.2010
A Sermon Judas Should Have Listened To.02.06.2010
What To Do When You Are Distressed, Discouraged, and Down23.05.2010
What You Can Learn From A Hypocrite23.05.2010
Beware Of Wolves In Sheep's Clothing19.05.2010
A Communion Of Corruption16.05.2010
Ignorance Is Not Bliss16.05.2010
The Exclusiveness of Discipleship12.05.2010
Enticements, Excuses and the Exit09.05.2010
The End Of The Matter05.05.2010
The Faith Promise Plan02.05.2010
Prosperity Through God's Eyes21.04.2010
Do Not Be A Diotrephes!18.04.2010
One Of God's Standards For Giving18.04.2010
Is Prayer Necessary14.04.2010
Go Ahead And Be A Gaius11.04.2010
Prayer Is The Key To Discipleship07.04.2010
Dogs, Pigs, And Precious Pearls31.03.2010
Judge Not Part 4 - The Beam And The Speck24.03.2010
A History Lesson In Holiness21.03.2010
The Key To The Kingdom21.03.2010
Judge Not Part 3 - Let God Be God17.03.2010
Are You Erring?14.03.2010
Judge Not Part 2 - 7 Judgements You Dont Want To Be Found Guilty Of10.03.2010
To Give Or Not To Give, There's No Question About It07.03.2010
Judge Not Part 1 - The Most Abused Text Of The Bible03.03.2010
Being Used Or Being Useless28.02.2010
Hirelings, Wolves, Charlatans and You!28.02.2010
About What Are You Worried?24.02.2010
Mammon and Me21.02.2010
Mammnon In Proper Perspective17.02.2010
The Wisdom Of A Master Soul Winner14.02.2010
Authority, Where Does It Come From?14.02.2010
Comfort, The Promise Of God10.02.2010

WOW!! JUST LOOK AT THE CLEAN UP IT GOT!! TOO MANY TO COUNT HAVING BEEN WIPED OUT! Too bad so have the Psalm 23 sermons gone, but, for all I know, they too may not be EXACTLY the word of God! You may take a look for yourself by going to HIS website, which is actually Calvary Baptist Church's website:

Website of Matthew Furan

This man oozes nothing by revolting pride! The very pride Lucifer had, of which you will hear in the sermon I present at the end!

Perhaps the real reason it has disappeared may have to do with a message I sent the pastor of the "sending church!" After all, if it is they who sent him, of which he is continually boasting, they should bear blame, also!

Here is the message I sent, yesterday, to Pastor Jason Gaddis, of
Home Church & Clearinghouse:
Southwest Baptist Church
1300 SW 54th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73119
(405) 682-1491 (Here the college where he mastered his craft!
Eric Mattox there studies, too! That is scary!)

My message was through the "Contact" form, thus I have not an email address.
I did make a copy of it, and mailed it to myself, for my records:

From: Helga
Subject: URGENT!! Please verify!

Date: Tuesday, March 15, 2011, 11:23 AM

Dear Pastor Gaddis,

It is my understanding that a Matthew Furan was "sent" to Calvary Baptist Church of Niagara to "rule over" this church (his words in another sermon!) by this your church.

Would you please tell me if you find his sermon "Biblically" sound:

Authority, Where Does It Come From? 14.02.2010

(This is the military manner in which he posts his sermons, which don't get to remain there for very long, he to be CONTINUALLY wiping them out, so he can preach the same later on!)

You will find it on http://www.calvarybaptistofniagara

By the way, when I first arrived at this church on July 4, 2010*, the congregation was using a variety of bible perversions, THE KING JAMES BIBLE TO NEVER HAVE BEEN AN ISSUE. Up to not long ago, it wasn't even on the site. The church's Constitution to make not a single mention of it in its 41 pages nor the cover!! so much for being "fundamental," eh?

Please respond, because I can direct you to many more in which such is his preaching, for which, from what I can gather through him, you deserve a lot of credit!

This man is no more than a wolf in sheep's clothing DEVOURING this poor church's innocent lambs, Calvary Baptist Church of Niagara, that depends on the sacrificial giving of many around the country, in essence, A MISSIONS' CHURCH, a truth you will not find on its site, which claims it to be "self-supporting!" A BLATANT LIE!!

Lying is second-nature to Matthew Furan, who happens to be a COMPULSIVE LIAR, which he does not refrain from doing RIGHT FROM THE PULPIT!!

This man lives HIGH ON THE HOG through such giving, in a mansion 4 miles away from the church when one could have easily found a similar or better house for half the cost in the urban area here, but HE CHOSE to live in an upper-class neighborhood, buying this house just TWO MONTHS AFTER GETTING THE JOB AS THE PASTOR HERE exactly three years ago, HIS FIRST POSITION AS SUCH! So much for humility! to care for it they have a maid!

If it is that you feel sorry for the likes of these know that even the wife's cancer was no more than a ruse!! Know that I say nothing I cannot prove!

Please, this is a civilized letter for which I do expect an acknowledgment and not avoidance!

Thank you, very much, for your time.

Yours in Christ,


Am I therefore become your enemy,
because I tell you the truth?
Galatians 4:16 (King James Bible)

*I have corrected the year, which was meant to be July 4, 2010.
I had mistakenly written July 4, 2011. After all, we are still in March 2011!

I happened to see on this church's site the announcement that these are the days in which they are giving the "sent" pastors a "refresher course!" How apropos! I wouldn't doubt that Matthew Furan has been reached in person, since, he could not possibly have missed the excuse together with a FREE trip to Alabama!

Be not deceived; God is not mocked:

for whatsoever a man soweth,

that shall he also reap.

Galatians 6:7 (King James Bible)

As I have said many times before, God's timing is so very perfect!
Good to know those "Contact" messages are read!

Bryan Denlinger | His Past, Present, and Future Bible Believers Fellowship
SUN 08/08/2010

In this sermon we look at the scriptures that discuss Satan's past, his present, and his future.

We begin in Isaiah 14 where we read about "Lucifer" and how he lost his position in heaven. Next we go to Ezekiel 28 where Satan is described as an "anointed Cherub". Then we go to Genesis 3 and take a look at the sin which Satan committed, and how God cursed him.

Next we take a look at how Satan operates in the world today. We see from the book of Job, how that Satan must seek God's permission before he is allowed to do anything! Next we go to the book of Luke, and read of the account where Satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness. We also take a look at 2 Corinthians 11, where Satan's appearance is described.

Finally we look at Satan's casting out of heaven in Revelation 12, which will occur midway through the coming Great Tribulation. Then we finish up the study in Revelation 20 where the Bible says that Satan is bound and placed in the bottomless pit for 1,000 years, and after he is loosed for a season, how that Satan's ultimate destruction will be in the lake of fire for all of eternity!



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