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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jesus Christ the Divider by Jessie Delewski of Bible Believers Fellowship

Think not that I am come

to send peace on earth:

I came not to send peace,

but a sword.

Matthew 10:34 (King James Bible)

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Jessie Delewski Bible Believers FellowshipSUN 08/23/2009

In this sermon we look at the fact that Jesus Christ often divided people because He was telling the truth, and most people are offended by the truth!

Any talk about 'unity' is deceptive unless it is based on the bible. Christians must be seperate from the world, and we must NOT compromise our beliefs to fit in with other people!

This is part one of a two part sermon.

Jessie Delewski Bible Believers Fellowship SUN 08/30/2009

In part 2 of this sermon, we look at more scriptures that show that Jesus Christ often divided people, because He told the truth.

As followers of Jesus Christ we must NOT compromise our beliefs so that we can be more popular with the lost world. As Christians we MUST divide the truth from lies!

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