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Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Vital Importance of the King James Bible in Colleges & Seminaries by Dr. Russ Dennis, Sr. - Traditional Bible Texts

This is an awesome sermon which those who have a saying in the SEMINARIES should hear, so they don't become any more than CEMETERIES!!

Dr. Russ Dennis, Sr. says something to the effect that
"Schools [Bible colleges] have great effect in the local churches!"

The reflection cast by Heartland Baptist Bible College, in Oklahoma, a "fundamental college," here in Niagara Falls, NY,
in the pathetic example of Matthew Furan, of Calvary Baptist Church, is certainly LESS THAN DESIRABLE, he to embody no more than a wolf-in-sheep's-clothing, a HIRELING, TWISTING THE WORD OF GOD to his advantage! His goal to be just FILTHY LUCRE!
The sadder part is that I forwarded a most UNSCRIPTURAL sermon by this THIEF, only to receive no response from either Pastor Gaddis of Southwest Baptist Church, or Pastor Davison, President of Heartland Baptist Bible College!
"a lying Spirit in the mouth of preachers!"


Dr. Russ Dennis, Sr. | Traditional Bible Texts

Note the date on the above sermon! Gee! Almost a relic!

Such will never happen with the HIRELING FURAN for he meticulously wipes out his sermons... so the there is no "proof" of anything said that was UNSCRIPTURAL? Except, I downloaded the one in question above, "Authority, Where Does It Come From? 14.02.2010"

He will deliver the same mumbo-jumbo at a later date, and there is nothing to prove this, except that he has told me he does this when I, speaking of the Judgment Seat sermon he had just given not long before heard by me, who first attended the Calvary Baptist Church in July 2010, he replied, "I gave that one earlier this year!" This was September when we were talking!

His only aim is to reap FILTHY LUCRE, milking missions and the congregation through lies, even stating his wife had cancer, when she did not! This may just become reality, some day, Matthew!! Careful how you play with God!

This a most devious despicable person certainly not fit to pastor any church!



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